Ch Zaka Ashraf Resigned As Interim Head Of Pakistan Cricket Board

Ch Zaka Ashraf Resigned As Interim Head Of Pakistan Cricket Board. Zaka Ashraf, the head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), has resigned. He resigned in public after presiding over a managing committee meeting in Lahore on Friday, Cricbuzzlive.

Ch Zaka Ashraf Resigned As Interim Head Of Pakistan Cricket Board
Ch Zaka Ashraf Resigned As Interim Head Of Pakistan Cricket Board

“At the end of the meeting, Mr Zaka Ashraf announced that he had decided to tender his resignation as chairman and member of the MC to the honourable Patron Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar,” according to a news release Cric Buzz Live issued by the PCB.

“In his concluding remarks, Mr Zaka Ashraf thanked the honourable Patron PCB for the confidence and trust reposed by him and extended his best wishes and prayers for the betterment of Pakistan and Pakistan cricket,” the Cric Buzz Live statement continued.

In July, Ashraf, who led the PCB from 2011 to 2013, took over as leader following a shift in the national political coalition. Najam Sethi had been the previous leader. He was granted a three-month extension in November of last year to continue leading the PCB’s Management Committee Cric Buzz Live.

Ashraf’s Abrupt Departure is Explained.

Ashraf’s abrupt departure is explained by several factors, one of which is his educational background. It seems that he is not a graduate. It is also Cric biz live stated that his term was scheduled to expire in February, and Ashraf, who took over in July, stepped down anticipating the inevitable.

Resignation of The Board of Control BCCI. He enumerated his accomplishments before his resignation, which included hosting a team from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The visit of the BCCI side, commanded by Roger Binny, was emphasized in the PCB statement. The BCCI crossed the border during the August Asia Cup. Cric Buzz Live.

Zachak Ashraf was barred from Making Important.

Ashraf’s Sudden Departure Zachak Ashraf was barred from making important financial decisions, and his departure was caused by the government’s inter-provincial coordination committee, which called off a planned meeting of the PCB management committee in Karachi. Despite these failures, Ashraf called an urgent meeting on Friday in Lahore and tendered his resignation.

Government Intervention Ashraf’s term became more complicated as a result of the government’s order to call off the meeting and limit financial choices. This action sparked conjecture about the motivations behind the intervention and prompted concerns about the connection between the cricket board and the government.


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