Joel Embiid Has Scored At Least 30 Points In 20 Straight Game

Joel Embiid Has Scored At Least 30 Points In 20 Straight Games, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Joel Embiid are two of the front-runners for MVP. As they pursue that prize and victories for their respective teams, the pair are creating history with their scoring.

Joel Embiid Has Scored At Least 30 Points In 20 Straight Game

In the 76ers’ victory over the Hornets on Sunday, Embiid scored 33 points, making him just the third player in NBA history to score 30 or more points in 20 straight games.

The other two athletes? James Harden did it for 32 straight games during his prime Rockets years (2018–19), while Wilt Chamberlain did it four times, including a 65-game run cricbuzz- live.

Embiid has been outstanding in his games this season, but failing to reach the NBA’s new 65-game qualifying mark will probably prevent him from making a repeat appearance.

Gilgeous-Alexander, who has only missed one game this season, doesn’t appear to have that issue. He scored 33 points to help OKC defeat the top two teams in the West. Gilgeous-Alexander is creating his history in the scoring department.

Both Embiid and SGA are scoring a lot of points to win; these aren’t meaningless numbers because their teams are among the best in their conference.

These two streaks may continue for some time.

  • Porzingis becomes the first Celtic in history to accomplish this milestone
  • Porzingis becomes the first Celtic to reach this feat in history. first broadcast on Boston’s NBC Sports

In Sunday night’s 116-107 victory over the Houston Rockets, Kristaps Porzingis once again showed off his skills, leading the club in both blocks and points.

While Porzingis scored over 30 points in Sunday night’s victory, his 3-point shooting and blocks made franchise history in CRICBIZZ LIVE. The 7-footer became the first player in Celtics history to record five blocks and six 3-pointers. Porzingis had won his fourth game of the season.

With Sunday’s victory, a player scored 32 points or more, made six or more 3-pointers, and blocked five or more shots for the third time in NBA history. Before this, only Porzingis in 2020 and Brook Lopez in 2017 had achieved this feat.

Celtics-Rockets takeaways: Porzingis powers C’s to bounce-back win

Three Principal Storylines

KP becomes heated from 3D-White finishes the image

Third quarters are still troublesome CRICBIZZ LIVE.

After suffering their first home loss of the year, the Boston Celtics rebounded to win the first game of their three-game road trip. In Houston, the C’s offense dominated the first half with 70 points against the Rockets, powered by Ime Udoka. Despite seeing their 17-point advantage cut to three in the fourth quarter, they managed to win 116-107 and leave Toyota Centre.

Due to rest, the Celtics were missing stalwarts Al Horford and Jrue Holiday (right elbow injury). Derrick White and Kristaps Porzingis took the lead in scoring, scoring 21 and 32 points respectively. Kansas and Duke drop bad losses

On Saturday, Kansas and Duke both made major mistakes. On Saturday afternoon, Kansas labored and lost 91-85 to one of the poorest teams in the Big 12 conference—West Virginia. Even though they shot 53% from the field, the Jayhawks were unable to overcome the Mountaineers. To win by six points, West Virginia finished the game with a 6-2 run, and in the last three minutes of play, they only allowed the Jayhawks to make one field goal.

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