Kyrie Irving And The Scorching Hot Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant

Kyrie Irving And The Scorching Hot Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant, FLORENCE, ORLANDO — Tuesday night’s 150-108 rout of the Orlando Magic featured a career-high 60 points by Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving, which also set a franchise record. His coaches and teammates were in complete amazement at the feat.

Kyrie Irving And The Scorching Hot Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant

Steve Nash, the Nets coach, described him as “just incredible.” “In the first 12 minutes of the game, I thought he had my career highlight reel. Watching him every night is great, but on nights like these, when he is completely in charge, it is very special. In a.

Irving has averaged 28 points and seven assists on 53/43/100 shooting splits in his four games with the Mavericks. Irving, who leads the NBA in fourth-quarter points scored both per game and overall, lit up Minnesota with a career-high 26 points in the fourth quarter on Monday. You almost forget what a pain he can be for his squad when he gets in his bag like this.

They Trounced The Knicks Last Thursday,

The Mavericks have won two of their last three games without Luka Doncic. They trounced the Knicks last Thursday, with Kyrie Irving scoring 44 points in the process. They trounced the Pelicans on Monday thanks to 42 points from Irving. In between, he scored 33 points in a loss to New Orleans. A week earlier, in a win over Minnesota, Irving scored 35 points. Over the last five games, he has averaged 37.5 points per game. His average performance in January is 31.8.

The man never lets up when he has the ball in his hands or is playing catch-and-shoot sniper. He’s shooting 48/42/89 for the season, better than 47% from three in January.

Jr. has excelled during the past two weeks

In addition, Tim Hardaway Jr. has excelled during the past two weeks, particularly during the final three games played without Doncic. On MLK Day, Irving and Hardaway scored 83 points between them.

“It’s probably the air-ball,” chuckled Irving. “To tell the truth to you. I said to myself, “Well, I don’t usually shoot this kind of stuff, but I’m just going to go into my Kobe bag right now and see what happens.” I saw a triple-team coming at me, so I turned to face the coaching staff, and they told me to just keep playing.

“When you’re a kid scoring a bunch of points, it means something, but when you’re in the best league in the world doing it against the greatest athletes that are playing our game, it means a little bit more.”

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