All Rounder Shakib Al Hassan To Take Conventional Route For Eye Treatment

All Rounder Shakib Al Hassan To Take Conventional Route For Eye Treatment, Bangladesh Cricket Board official on Wednesday one said that All Rounder Shakib al Hassan who will go through conventional treatment for his eye problem.

All Rounder Shakib Al Hassan To Take Conventional Route For Eye Treatment

Shakib who is leading the Rangpur Riders in the continuing Bangladesh Premier League, left for Singapore after their opening game because of his eye problem which tensed him during the last ICC World Cup in India, when he came back he suffered more.

The Bangladesh captain has been confirmed with a retinal disease in his left eye and this confession comes when the athlete concerned reported to his visual functioning.

He has been complaining of subtle issues in his left eye. After consulting Ophthalmologist in Bangladesh and other Countries and after many eye assessments, it was reported that the senior player Shakib Ul Hassan is suffering from Extrafoveal Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CST) in his left eye. Bangladesh Cricket Board senior physician Debashish Chaudhary said in a press release that it has been decided that a conservative way will be adopted to control the issue now.

Extrafoveal Central Serous Chorioretinotherapy is a condition that affects the retina which leads to visual disturbance. The medical team that supervises Shakib’s case is hopeful to handle the condition effectively in a conservative way, he said.

The BCB lays stress on the cricket community and fans to respect Shakib’s privacy because he focuses on his health and recovery. The board also said that further updates about his condition will be provided at the right time.

It is considered that Shakib is still ruled out from the BPL season because he can play the tournament by handling his eye problem. If that is true in that case, he is playing down the order in the batting lineup, and he will focus more on completing his four-over spells with the ball. Shakib has no problem while bowling and when he bats he feels very uncomfortable.

Riders authorities are hoping that Shakib will be available for them in the upcoming days but he has also said that they will not pressurize the all-rounder to make himself available if he is not feeling comfortable.

This is also considered that if Shakib is not completely healed by conservative treatment, then a long procedure may be required for his eye problem, and in such a case he might be out of cricket for a while.

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